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  • ICT – Individual Research Commons

Computers are connected to internet and students can access them any time.

  • Scanning

The Library provides book scanners in the reading rooms for the use of patrons.

Scanning (to USB drive) is free of charge, but please keep copyright restrictions in mind: You may use a scanner to copy for non-commercial research or private study under certain limited conditions. You should only scan for your own private use and you may not make your scanned copy available to other people (for example, by including it in a PowerPoint presentation or on a web site).

  •  PhotoCopying

A photocopier is available in the Library. Instead of scanning to a USB drive, you have the option of photocopying the scans at a cost of 100/= per page.

  •  Copyright

Users must comply with the provisions of any relevant legislation such as laws relating to intellectual property rights including copyright and data protection.

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