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  1. Hours of opening.

Week days from 8:30 am – 9:00pm, weekends from 8:30am -4:00pm (Saturday-Sunday).

  1. Users:

Only current staff and students may use the library.

  1. Rules regarding borrowing:

3.1 No student reader shall be permitted to borrow books from the library before completing the formal Institution and Library registration procedure. Library registration will be running for the first two months of the term on any given course and time of reporting.

3.2 Late library registration will incur the user a penultimate fine of 3000/=: payable to the accounts office.

3.3 Academic staff may borrow a maximum of 2(TWO) books at a time for a period desired to be used but shall always first return the books that they owe the Library before taking another set of books.

3.4 Borrowing for students will be within the user’s active term period

3.5 Students may borrow:

  1. a) A maximum of 3(THREE) volumes of books that must be read from within the library.
  2. b) i) Borrowers present their current valid library and Identity cards in order to borrow books or any item in the library.
  3. ii) A student’s receipt indicating FULL payment of institution dues.
  4. c) Defaulters.
  5. i) Persons who fail to return books on time and lose or Damage them will have to pay TWICE, the original price of the book

Please handle the books with care and make sure you return them on time.

3:6 The Institution library card must be used by one person to whom it was issued and whose names and passport photo appear on the card.

3.7 If the borrower’s library card is lost or stolen, the matter must be immediately reported to the Librarian. A charge of 2000/= may be made for replacement at the accounts office.

3.8 The following classes of books are NOT allowed to leave the Library at any time,

  1. a) Periodicals, Maps, Dissertations and ALL Essential reference books

4.0 The librarian may at any time require the immediate return of a book(s) required by another reader regardless of the date due. This is most applicable to very few books but on high demand.

4.1 Loss of books or any damage to them must be reported to the librarian immediately; the borrower will be considered personally responsible and will be required to make good the lost or damaged book. Marking and writing on/in a book is high prohibited, and any person caught defacing or mutilating books will be required to replace them and face disciplinary action.

4.2 Books borrowed by one student must not be passed on to another, but must be returned and re-issued at the circulation point.

4.3 Student borrowers who sneak out with library books will have to pay TWICE the cost of the book.

4.4 No person will be ALLOWED to borrow more than one book of the same author, title, edition, volume, etc at the same time.

4.5 Fines and charges will be regarded as debts to the institution and the library shall not clear any student who fails to pay.

5.0 Dressing standards.

5.1 Every PERSON shall dress decently and shall treat each other with decency and purity.

  1. a) A person should wear clean clothes, properly dressed.
  2. b) One should seek to wear clothes that do not cause offence to others either in style or in message e.g. a shirt advertising an immoral activity.
  3. c) Sexually provocative attire is totally inappropriate. This includes clothes worn without proper undergarments, sheer or skintight clothes or clothes that expose undergarments or unseemly flesh, e.g. extremely low- cut blouses,”kundi- shows”, leggings, low riding trousers and mini-skirts.
  4. d) Sleeveless shirts, overcoats and sports caps are also prohibited from the library.

6.0 Other rules regarding the use of the library.

6.1 No personal newspapers and magazines are allowed in the library. Library users who enter the library with bags MUST surrender them at the library entrance AND a fee of 100/= will be deposited at each reading.

6.2 Maximum silence must be observed in the library at all times. Mobile phones must always be kept in silence while in the library. Phone-buzzing, phone ringing, phone answering, phone calling in the library will lead implicated students being expelled from the Library for the entire Semester or Year. Such students will also be summoned to the disciplinary committee.

6.3 Always show personal books (documents) to the staff as you enter the library. Readers with big envelopes, portfolio, personal books and any other item similar to a library property must present them to the library staff for checking before leaving.

6.4 The library users must respond to the closing bell immediately.

6.5 Students must not bring personal visitors in the library. Honesty is expected of every user, and reporting of any suspected misuse of library resources. Reservation of seats in the library is not allowed.

6.6 No consumption of food or drinks by users in the library.

7.0. Computer Use in the Library

The YMCA library has a computer section which facilitates students’ research.

7.1 All students are required to register before using a computer.  During registration, endeavor to present your valid Institution Identity Card or YMCA Kampala Library card. (You don’t have to pay for the Computer)

7.2 Time for using the computers is strictly hour per user.

7.3 Computers are strictly for research purposes. Social Networking activities such as face-book, twitter, you tube and Pornography are highly prohibited.

8.0 For breaches of any of these rules and regulations and for offences against good behavior in the library, borrowing privileges may be withdrawn and may lead to suspension of a user from utilizing the library services.

NB: All Library Users should carry along their Library cards together with the Institution Identity Cards to the Library. The Identify Cards will be presented to Staff at the Reference Desk while you will retain with the Library Cards to borrow the Library Resources. Kindly Collaborate with Library Management for better service delivery.

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