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  1. Reference Section

A reference collection is defined as non circulating of materials designed to provide quick answers and factual information in all subject fields. It answers specific questions that do not involved extensive study. The section handles reference inquires and instruction of users on the effective and efficient use if the library materials.

Reference service has been designed to meet the bibliographic and research needs of the YCI  academic community. The Section perceives its function to be the following:

  1. To provide quick answers to specific questions.
  2. To provide bibliographical and other research assistance.
  3. To select reference materials used in instructional and research programs.
  4. To organize reference books and other materials in the section.
  5. To instruct the student in the effective and efficient use of the library materials especially reference sources.
  6. To assist and cooperate with the faculty member in their instructional and research program.

 This section also contains general and subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, geographical, question banks, Daily Newspapers, Magazines, travel guides and directories, maps.etc., that are required and or/supplemental readings. Use of these materials is subject to certain regulations. A student is required to present a library card to access these materials.

   2. Reserve/ Circulation Section

The Reserve Section of the YCI Library caters to the needs of its Library users . By maintaining a well-balanced collection, it aims to provide materials for research and instructional needs of the students and instructors as well.

3. Open shelves

In Open Shelf Collection, students can easily pick any reading materials themselves.

4. ICT Section

The ICT section  has computers which are fully connected to internet. Students can also access Electronic Resources for their research.

The library also has free wireless internet which can be accessed by every one.

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